Tuesday, July 13, 2010

HEADLINE: The case of the missing blogger finally solved.

Call off the search party, don’t delete from your favorites list, and whatever you do, please don’t boil that dust-speck – “I am here! I am here! I am here!”

To my 4 loyal followers, and transient fans who venture through, I appreciate your patience, and apologize for dropping off the face of the earth for a spell. Life has been utterly chaotic over the past few months, as the business of existence has kept my dance card effectively punched. Aside from tending to elementary life functions, (eating, sleeping and other biological imperatives) most of my time has been dedicated to keeping the wheels greased (i.e. running my business), which helps finance the aforementioned essentials, and as such, allows for the ongoing output of fresh blog excreta! (hey….at least it’s FREE)

Now back on-line, at least for the moment, new works should be appearing in very short order, and hopefully with a little more regularity moving forward. In the mean time, to give you an idea of what we’ve been up to over the past few months, I’ll mix it up a bit and post some pictures to help tell the story. And save us both the burden of at least a thousand words.

Projects of this scale (pond resets) usually only come around once, maybe twice a year. They’re extremely time consuming and labor intensive (in this case several tons of gravel replaced by spade and sweat alone), and must be carried out while simultaneously managing at least 200 service calls each month. We completed three of these projects over the past several months, a more than laudable task for a few mere mortals. This self imposed stretch in Gulag was as exhausting as it was necessary to keep body, mind, and laptop alive, as well as a roof overhead. Nobody said saving a world (even a fictitious one) would be easy.

To our clients, we are grateful for keeping us busy, especially given the current economic climate. Much gratitude also goes out to the thousands of aquatic critters under our care. Fish poop, to us, is like ambergris, gross but treasured; who’d’ve ever guessed teleost turds would be the base of such a sound economic stimulus package.
The Gulag
(the koi pond is on either side of the stairs)

Temporary accommodations for fish:
(definitely up-scale!)

Dominic and Josh
(the dream team)

The Fish Whisperer


pondering what's next?

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  1. Now I have to put you back on my blog roll! I thought you'd given this one up - so where's the photos of the pond projects?